NABL Accredited / ISO 17025:2005 /An ISO 9001-2017 Certified Laboratory

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Johannes Kepler Testing and Research Centre (HICM) Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best quality material testing service providers in the Chemical and Mechanical field of Environmental Pollution, Building Material, Metals & Alloys, Soil & Rock, Water, Wood & Wooden Products and Non-Destructive sectors. At our laboratory, we are dedicated to provide the best quality of services which is suitable for the purpose of our clients. The safety and satisfaction of our customers is of utmost importance.
Our Laboratory provides services as per guidelines of ISO 17025(NABL). To provide the error free and most reliable reports, we are equipped with comprehensive range of tools and equipment.
We have various teams of scientists, engineers, technicians and support resources with deep knowledge in their respective fields. They work tirelessly for hours to deliver the extensive range of services to fulfill the requirements of our customers. With their dedication and passion, they are always ready to push the bar above.

H – accepts home/office/site office samples
I – provides interpretations for home/office/site office samples
C – accepts agricultural samples
M – test for heavy metals

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  • Chemical
  • Mechanical
  • Non Destructive

Chemical testing serves the purpose to determine the specification, regulation and trace of material. It determines the composition of the sample and helps to decide if new product development is suitable for the purpose. JKTRC is well equipped with the machines and is ever ready to fulfill the requirement of the client while valuing the safety and satisfaction to the client. We provide the chemical testing services in the extensive range as follows:-

  • 1. Atmospheric Pollution
  • 2. Pollution and Environment
  • 3. Building Material
  • 4. Metals and Alloys
  • 5. Soil and Rock
  • 6. Water


Mechanical testing has very wide range of tests to reveal the properties of material under different circumstances such as tension, compression and temperature to check the tensile strength, compression strength, impact resistance, fracture toughness and fatigue. JKTRC is equipped with best technology machines to provide comprehensive results in the following sub-section:-

  • 1. Building Material
  • 2. Soil and Rock
  • 3. Wood and wood products
  • 4. Mechanical properties of metals

Non Destructive

Non-Destructive testing reveals the properties of material, component or system without causing damage. It is highly valuable testing service because it saves a lot of time and money in product evaluation and research. Non-Destructive testing is used for the detection, characterization and sizing of inherent discontinuities, as well as those associated with damage mechanisms. JKTRC is well equipped with highly comprehensive devices like Optical Spectrometer and many more to serve the flawless results and fulfill the purpose of our clients.

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