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Wood & Wooden Products
Wood & Wooden Products

Wood is the main substance in trees. It is mainly used to make buildings and furniture. It comes in many different kinds and usually divided into softwood and hardwood. The construction timber is used in load-bearing structures, also used to create shuttering for concrete castings. The wood is converted into many products for different purposes like cladding and mouldings.

The widespread use of wood in the construction sector has an appeal from both the economic and aesthetic basis. The ability to construct wood buildings with minimal amounts of equipment has kept the cost of wood frame buildings competitive with other types of construction. Since the wood and wooden products are used for a variety of purposes so before using it, we must examine the constituent and structure of the products to ensure the safety and proper utilization of the resource.

Our laboratory is well equipped and with a team of experts we serve various types of specified testing services for the wood and wooden products. Our professionals perform the analysis to determine the properties like moisture content and dimensions of the product. We perform all the activities under the strict guidelines of NABL 17025 and ISO 9001. We serve majorly to industries, government agencies and individual clients.

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  • Wood & Wooden Products
Wood and Wood Products

Moisture Content Test, Dimension (Length), Dimension (Width) Test, Dimension of thickness.

Wood and Wood Products

Sr. No Product/Material of test Specific Test Performed Test method Test Performed at
1 Wood And Wooden Product Moisture Content Test IS 11215 RA-2010: 1999 Permanent Facility
2 Wood And Wooden Product Dimension (Length) IS 303: 1989 Permanent Facility
3 Wood And Wooden Product Dimension (Width) Test IS 303: 1989 Permanent Facility
4 Wood And Wooden Product Thickness IS 303: 1989 Permanent Facility