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About Us
Our Story
our story
Around two decades ago, when there was new aspiration and hope following Globalization, Liberalization and Privatization in wake of economic reforms and massive infrastructure across India, three friends decided to contribute in new making of India. The generation has been developing rapidly in the field of science, technology, knowledge and information, especially considering India which has long and distinct tradition of scientific research and technological advancement since ancient times. In the recent past, India has accelerated the speed and efforts towards further growth. With advancement in these sectors, the demand and need for the quality of testing services has increased where researchers, innovators and developers can get platform to take the nation on the path of rapid development, growth and prosperity. In this era, everybody is craving for the quality of services with the view to fulfill the need, to strengthen the sectors and provide more opportunities to scientists and engineers the trio took a step forward and established ‘JOHANNES KEPLER TESTING AND RESEARCH CENTRE(HICM) LABORATORY’.
About Us
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Our Laboratory is one of the finest service providers in the Chemical and Mechanical field of Environmental Pollution, Building Material, Metals & Alloys, Soil & Rock, Water, Wood & Wooden Products and Non-Destructive sectors. It is a laboratory with comprehensive and well thought policies. The laboratory always aims to provide safe, complaint free, best quality and top standard services. We have always believed in providing quick, convenient and economical services to our valued customers. ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17025:2017 (NABL) accreditations, firm quality program and a team of highly experienced scientists, engineers and technical experts help to serve the customers, meet quality requirements, and get reliable results which are usable, secure, robust, accessible, stable and valuable.
Quality in our landscape cannot be taken for granted. We invest appropriate time and capital into building a quality assurance culture to abolish any chance of failure. We always prioritize preventive measures to decrease the chances of negligence. Quality assurance in our services effectively prevents re-work and expensive delays or future negligence.
We’re procuring journals on research and latest trend to further improve the capacity and capabilities of our officials. Regular training is organized to enhance their knowledge, adequate workshop, seminar, presentation and discussion is attended/organized to get familiar with emerging trend in testing and research arena in consultation with the highly qualified person in the area. With their dedication, passion, zeal and knowledge sharing, we are ready to achieve all standards that one strives to enhance it further.
The employees of our Lab work tirelessly for hours in the very comfortable environment to provide the results which is always up to the mark. We always believe in providing the best quality of services and aim to raise the bar with knowledge and technical skills.
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H – accepts home/office/site office samples
I – provides interpretations for home/office/site office samples
C – accepts agricultural samples
M – test for heavy metals

Our Vision
Our laboratory has the vision to provide best quality assistance for robust and sustainable development across the globe.
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Our Mission
Our laboratory has the mission to become the finest service provider across the industry.
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Our Goal
Our laboratory has the goal to provide best services with great skills and precision which meet the standards in an efficient manner.
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Our Values
The promise to exceed the customer’s expectations with quality, service and delivery of reports are fulfilled by ensuring following values:
  • Safety:
    While providing the services, we make sure the methods and reports are completely safe for the environment by strictly following the rules and regulations established by authorities.
  • Perfection:
    We work honestly and whole heartedly to perform the job flawlessly and generate the results accurately and precisely.
  • Quality:
    We always believe in providing up to standard results and maintaining the degree of excellence of the reports and services.
  • Integrity:
    We have always believed in honest, respectful, trustworthy and lifelong relations with our respected customers by keeping their information safe and secure. The same views are also for our employees.
  • Customer Satisfication:
    We make sure that results of our efforts must satisfy the customers. We believe in saving money and time of our customers.
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Our Team and Resources
Our Lab has always valued the employees and staff who work tirelessly with dedication for hours to provide the best service to our customers. They are always ready for most complex technical challenges in the Chemical and Mechanical field of Environmental Pollution, Building Material, Metals & Alloys, Soil & Rock, Water, Wood & Wooden Products and Non-Destructive sectors. The team of scientists, engineers, technicians and support resources with the deep knowledge in their respective fields provide excellent opportunity for anyone interested in working in the area of their respective fields.
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